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We wanted to know who are the Superhero's in your district! We received many nominations and we know there are many more Superhero's out there. Below is the list of those nominated, separated by category. We will announce the winners in each category at the 2018 CA Users Conference.  


Vivian Roby

Attala County

Vivian arrives early to work, she never complains, always willing to help. she treats everyone like family, offer positivity through out the day and does it all with a smile. Vivian is our ray of sunshine. 

Katrina Porter

Tunica Schools

They go the extra mile to make sure the staff is informed and the job is done. Even If that means staying at work until 12:00pm - 12 it is! 

Susan Deen


Susan has a deep urge for the students to excel in our district. she goes way beyond her job description as the federal programs director, to make sure every schools administrator utilize their funds in a productive way, for the benefit of our students.. her door is always open to questions, and new ideals; not only is she a great employee, but she is a great person. over these 5 years of working with her, we've laugh, cried, and prayed together. i'm grateful to acknowledge her not only as my boss, but as my friend!! 

Tim Benjamin

Union Co Schools

Mr. Tim Benjamin is a true super hero in our district.  He has served as a high school chemistry teacher, assistant principal, Superintendent, and currently federal programs director and over all of the data submission for our district.  He has served our school district over 40 years with integrity and passion for children.  He is called upon by many districts to help because of his expert knowledge of MSIS, personnel reporting, SAM, and other data driven software we use each day in our schools. He goes above and beyond to help solve problems and ensure any data submitted by our district is correct.  He doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk.  He is dependable and follows up on projects.  As everyone knows super heroes work countless hours behind the scene making sure the train stays on track.  Tim Benjamin is an asset to our district and we appreciate and value his leadership. 

Cynthia House

Leflore Schools

Ms. House work tireless and effortless to ensure that the district's need for hiring of highly qualified teachers is always met. she has two daughters who have some challenges, but she is still able to balance the demands of both of her jobs in the district with making sure that their needs are met as well. she's dedicated to completing each task with precision, excellence and integrity. 

Ethel Morris

Natchez Schools

Ethel goes above and beyond while caring for her attendance/data clerks in our district. 


Temeka Henderson Lewis

Aberdeen Schools

Mrs. Lewis is there when ever she is needed. at the beginning of the school year she enter the students and teachers information into SAM,she releases students to other schools, capture the new students in Msis and at the end of the year she blast us out and only keeps what is needed and rolls the rest over. in the middle of all that Mrs. Lewis works her super hero powers on locked classroom doors,missing students and teachers. her band aids,alcohol pads are stocked and ready. Mrs. Lewis is always a phone call or buzzer away ready to support and care for the staff and some people it doesn't seem like much but we all know what you do for us. thank you Mrs. Lewis for all that you do. 

Harlena Jones

East Jasper Schools

The MSIS and technology department is small in number. however, she makes sure that everyone in the district has technology when needed.

Cindy Linton

Lauderdale Schools

Cindy works tireless to ensure our district has accurate reporting to MDE, and that our student data package (SAM) fits the needs of our students, parents, teachers, and district administration

Adrienne Parker

Yazoo City Schools


Becky Johnson

Amite Schools

Becky's hard work and dedication!

Pam Dillard

Greenville Schools

This person assists everyone across districts when you need help. 

Patrice Singleton


She goes over and beyond her job title to help everyone out. 

Sarah Richard

Benton Schools

Sarah is our district expert when it comes to SAM..She always has the answers or will get the answers for us. she makes life easy when it comes to student data! 

Laura Gilkerson

Hancock Schools

Laura goes above and beyond for this district. personally for me I am dealing with a health crisis with my mom and have been missing a lot of work to take her to doctors appt. and treatment. Laura has stepped up for me and helping with my duties. she has been a knight in shining armor to me. I am so thankful for her helpfulness, kindness and compassion she has shown me. please consider her, she is a true super hero. 


She helps solve problems and she always lends a helping hand to coworkers. Her phone never stops and she is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure everyone understands the task. She is a true asset to our district and a super hero to everyone she comes in contact with. (2nd submission)

Teresa Garcia

Petal Schools

Teresa wears many hats in the district but when a teacher, principal, district administration needs help she makes you feel like you are the only job she has to do. She is very knowledgeable with SAMS and is very willing to help and teach as you work through problems. She keeps up with State requirements and helps keep us all on the right track. 

I have worked with Teresa for over 18 yrs.She is a compassionate, caring, and loyal employee and friend.She always strives for excellence and accuracy in all  aspects of her job. She is truly a leader. (2nd submission)

Mary McCay

Claiborne Co Schools

Mrs. Mary McCay has to juggle all the data in SAM for the entire district while also serving as the administrative assistant. she wears a lot of hats and keeps the district in compliance. 

Shelly Barnett

Jackson Co Schools

Shelly handles requests from 14 schools regarding MSIS/SAM technology and more often than not has an answer without progressing them further down a support chain. 

Sarah Stanwood

Wilkinson Schools

She makes sure Federal Programs is recorded correct and she has been working with this program for many years.

Finance nominees

Jennifer Clanton

Canton Schools

Ms. Clanton is a superhero because she is always willing to help others even if it means she gets behind. she will work extra hours on her work in order to help others that are learning. As her assistant, I see this on a daily basis. 

Janice Stewart

Mccomb Schools

She is completely focused on doing each and every job to the best of her ability, she goes out of her way to be a team player and make our district the best

Loretta Callahan

Scott Co Schools

Loretta is always willing to go above and beyond when it comes to payroll. she treats every employee the same. Loretta always has the best interest of the employee. 

This lady is always willing to answer any questions the employee has in regards to Payroll and she is always looking out for the best interest of the employee as well as the district!! (2nd Submission)

Keisha Boddy

Yazoo City

The district lost the business manager and the payroll clerk within a month of each other. Both of these young ladies stepped up to the plate and held down our business department from the end February 2018 until we able to hire personnel in June 2018. This included requisitions, purchase orders, payroll, day-to-day operations, bill payments and reimbursement Because our new hires are also unfamiliar with k-12 accounting procedures and Marathon, they are continuing to be superheros with assistance. 

Deneshia Harlson

Leake Co Schools

She is always taking care of the district. She is a fair and honest person. 

Susan Cochran

Mccomb Schools

What makes Susan Cochran a superhero is she works continually towards moving McComb School District forward into the technology age to be as advanced as possible. she is always thinking outside the box as to how we can improve in all areas, procedures, processes, technology and as a team.

Jennifer MeadoWs

Tupelo Schools

Jennifer Meadows is the team captain of our office- encouraging, patient, thoughtful, and hard-working. Jennifer understands every aspect of her position. She is always striving for excellence. She is extremely cost conscious and is always wanting to learn more. She has streamlined our entire purchasing and invoicing process, saving the district hundreds of dollars and an immeasurable amount of work hours. Jennifer is always willing to do whatever it takes! she's my superhero in the office!!

Michael Martin

Lee Co Schools

He always takes the time to help you with any problems or issues that you might have with a smile on his face 

Tj burleson

pearl river schools

Mr Burleson has worked very hard to get advanced and new technology for every classroom for our school district. He does this very frugally, but still gets the best for his money. He also has his hands in maintenance, custodial and passing a bond referendum. He is trying to make our school district to be the best school district it can be. and this shows with our numbers of students rising every year. thank you for considering him for this award. 

In addition to being the business manager, Mr. Burleson oversees technology and maintenance. He sponsors a weekly shout out to recognize staff and students for good work. He looks for ways to help all staff do their jobs more efficiently by providing additional technology or training to increase knowledge and productivity. (2nd Submission)

KIm Long

Tupelo Schools

Ms. Long always has a smile on her face.  She hasn’t been with our finance team very long, but she has shown that she is capable of great things.  She always has a smile on her face and is willing to help.  

Amber Geiser

Long Beach Schools

While working with Amber at Harrison County School District she was an amazing leader. she went above and beyond her duties as a business manager. She taught me so much about school finance. She shared the knowledge she already had as well as all she was gaining. Any information she became aware of she made sure she shared which helped me excel in my position. Although we no longer work together and we both are now at different school districts she continues to keep me informed. She is awesome! 

Sandy Johnson

Prentiss Schools

Mrs. Sandy is the glue that holds our office together. Mrs. Sandy is willing to help with whatever you need and is our office mother. 

Mary Beth Hunter

Tupelo Schools

Mary Beth has a great knowledge of many aspects of the finance office. She has been a member of the AP team, as well as the payroll team. Never faltering to help a co-worker, no matter the area, Mary Beth stays calm, offers sound and logical solutions, and is always a team player. 

Technology nominees

Timothy Luckett

Canton Schools

He always has a positive point of view, no matter how the work load gets so heavy, I can always count on him to be right there with me until we get the job done!! 

Mr. Timothy Luckett is a Superhero because he responds to every beckoning call when we experience technical problems so we don't get stressed out.  Tim always assures us that "itta be alright" and again - it's Tim to our rescue. (2nd submission)

Timothy Luckett goes over and beyone the call of duty. No matter what he is doing he will always come to your need and never complain about how much work he has to do. God sent this man to CPSD. (3rd submission)

Patricia Thrash

Scott Co Schools

Mrs Thrash handles technology, erate, MSIS and SAM data, and licensure for the district. She is phenomenal at her job and this district would not be able to replace her. 

Harlena Jones

East Jasper Schools

She the best thing in East Jasper keeps the district going.

This person runs the district every day. Without her is a bad day. (2nd submission)

This Person is responsible for the entire district Scheduling, printing all reports, attendance, student grades, enrollment and transfers of students, employee information, all programs within the district, all district technology needs, technology inventory, all district events, parents, teachers, and students, and employees needs. (3rd submission)

She is a guru of data and technology. she never fails to show up and solve our technological needs. Mrs. Jones is always willing to go that extra mile (4th submission)

She is very knowledgeable and competent in job. She is a great multitask-er and works over and beyond her call of duty. (5th submission)

This girl does it all, scheduling, MSIS, All Technology, SAM Administrator, keep SAM updated, and much more. (6th submission)

Sylvia Green

Yazoo Co Schools

Mrs. Green works very hard for our District, She Goes over and beyond her call of Duty. Help in any area to make our District Better!

Shelly Barnett

Jackson Co Schools

Shelly serves about 9,300 students and 1,500 employees. While bombarded with many questions, Shelly always responds with a knowledgeable & timely response. she never appears to be overwhelmed or aggravated with any of us (although she probably is!). Her patience is abundant. 

She goes above and beyond to train over 1500 employees on how to use the SAMs Program. She also has others from surrounding districts come and learn how to use the SAMs program. She is an asset to your company and to ours. (2nd submission)

Tara POolson

Pearl River county Schools

Ms. Poolson dedicates her time to teach our teachers and staff about the various technology available to them in our district. I lean on her for ideas on ways for PRC to improve its technology to increase student achievement and productivity. you will not find many individuals with the passion for education that Ms. Poolson possesses. we are very grateful to have her as part of the blue devil family and she deserves this recognition.

other nominees

stephanie Brooks

Canton Schools

Stephanie is a very passionate school Counselor who does not play about her students(this is true). She comes to work with an infectious smile ready to take on whatever is thrown her way. She is not a 7:30 to 3:30 type of gal. She goes over and beyond to ensure her duties are fulfilled even if it takes her to midnight. She stays many late nights especially during scheduling season and EOY. She is great with the students. Her love for them is so genuine. During the day, You may find Stephanie in the halls singing or dancing with students, engaging in small group sessions, facilitating mentor groups, observing behavior students in their classes, assisting students with registering for Act, conducting parent/ teacher meetings, analyzing data, sharing strategies and/or interventions in the MTSS or leadership meetings, inputting student and/or school data in Sam Spectra or MSIS, and anything else that may arise. She does it all with a smile. She spreads love and encouragement every day to everyone she encounters... while being a single mom to two beautiful daughters which her oldest daughter graduated in may and attends the Mississippi university for women (MUW). Counseling is her super power! 

Fay Miles

Pearl River Schools

Mrs. Fay works extremely hard to make sure all of our records are correct. but more than that, the way she loves and cares for our students and staff is amazing. she checks in on students that she feels need a little extra attention. she always puts others before herself. Mrs. Fay goes above and beyond the duties of a records clerk! 

Felicia Griffin

Winona Schools

I would like to nominate Mrs. Felicia Griffin for the Superhero award.  Mrs. Griffin is our new secretary at Winona Secondary School.  She came to us from Montgomery County in our recent consolidation.  She has been an extremely valuable asset to us during our recent consolidation with Montgomery County.  She did all of Montgomery County's MSIS work and has continued with various responsibilities at Winona.

Felicia Griffin works at Winona Secondary School and is an outstanding employee.  She is dedicated to the students and the school and works overtime to ensure the success of everyone.  She goes the extra mile and is exceptionally reliable. (2nd submission)

Audra Mcdonald

covington schools

Audra works diligently to make sure SAM works for the district in the most efficient way possible and always with a smile!

Tracy Weir

Pearl River Schools

Traci Weir is a records clerk at Pearl River Central Elementary School. She has always worked really hard with registration and enrollment, but this year was even more challenging due to the consolidation of our two elementary schools. Even when she was frustrated and overwhelmed, Traci pushed on with a smile on her face and a friendly word for everyone. 

Amy Whitten

Winona Schools

I am excited to nominate Amy Whitten of the Winona Montgomery Consolidated School District as a SUPERHERO!! I'm not even sure how to categorize this jewel at our school because she literally does EVERYTHING!! If we need someone fingerprinted...she can do it!  If we need a sub...she can do it!  If we need a stand-in bus monitor....she is our girl!  If we need someone to help as receptionist...she can do it! She literally can DO IT ALL!! Amy spends hours alphabetizing documents in our offices.  Whether it is residency iinformation, immunization forms, or other critical information, we can depend on her to have all of our information organized.  She works tirelessly ensuring our cum folders are processed and accurate.  She is willing to learn whatever we ask of her and quick to volunteer to help, even when the job isn't always pleasant!  She is self motiviated and hates to not be busy!! It is so nice to work with a person who is as positive as she is and who is such a hard worker. I am so thankful to have her as part of our staff.

Colleen Morris

Lamar Co Schools

Colleen is a helper by nature. She is the first to volunteer and she gets things done. Plus, she has the absolute best attitude. 

Brenda Caldwell

Petal Schools

Brenda is consistent, dependable and pleasant in all her work. she works hard to figure things out and make sure things are correct. she consistently offers her help with a smile. she is invaluable to us. 

Laura Lockett

Winona Schools

Laura Lockett works at Winona Secondary School and is an outstanding employee.  She is dedicated to the students and the school and works overtime to ensure the success of everyone.  She goes the extra mile and is exceptionally reliable. 

Lecora Robinson

Natchez Schools

Lecora is my super hero. she's the go to person and best trainer in the NASD district for all your needs and questions pertaining to the day to day duties of an attendance clerk. she has the same attitude no matter when you call. Thanks Cora for putting up with me and all my many questions.... 

Mark Carpenter

Tunica Schools

They go the extra mile to make sure the staff is informed and the job is done. Even If that means staying at work until 12:00pm - 12 it is! 

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