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Help Desk Orientation

Catherine Dubois

I Like Big Data: Advanced Google Sheets

Tara Poolson

Howard Technology Solutions

Caleb Yates


Dr. Ronnie McGehee

Motivational Moment with Jackie

Jackie Walley

MSIS 2.0 Back to the Future

MDE: John Kraman, Amy Marquez, and Deborah Donovan

Talk Data to Me: Basic Google Sheets

Tara Poolson



16th Section

Linda Johnson and Secretary of States Office- Drew Pettus and Kecia Fleming

Accounts Payable

Linda Johnson

ActiveResources: And How it Can Make Your Job a Little Less Stressful

Sarah Cotnam and Karen Benefield

Ad Valorem & Debt Issues

Bonnie Granger

American Fidelity

Daniel Pickering and Will O'Reilly

Capital Assets

Linda Johnson

Emerging Issues Presented by MS Office of the State Auditor

Jason Ashley, Stephanie Palmertree, Leigh Taylor, and Charlotte Duckworth

Excel and Marathon

Linda Johnson

General Ledger - The "Hub"

Kim Cathey

How to Develop, Implement and Communicate a More Effective and Efficient Employee Benefits Package

Campus Benefits - Eric Tupper

Introducing ActiveApplicant

Sarah Cotnam and Nancy Cotnam

It's About Time! 

Sarah Cotnam, Nancy Cotnam, and Karen Benefield

Make the Most of Marathon Human Resources

Nancy Cotnam

Marathon Administration

Kim Cathey

Payroll Blues

Nancy Cotnam

Payroll Processing Tips and Tricks

Nancy Cotnam

PERS Basics 

Nikita Rankin of PERS

PERS Pre-Retirement

Nikita Rankin of PERS

PERS Rules and Regulations

Nikita Rankin of PERS

Positions, Positions, Positions!

Nancy Cotnam

Q&A with Marathon

Kevin Brooks, Garrett McClure, Roger Corley

Remote Link

Kim Cathey

School-Based Administrative Claim

Linda Johnson

Short and Long Term Leave

Nancy Cotnam

Things to Think About in Closing and Current ESSER Issues

Bonnie Granger

What Everyone Ought to Know about MCAPS and Other Useful Stuff

Amber Geiser



5 Strategies to Increase Family Engagement with AIM 3.0


SAM Administrator Part 1

Claire French

SAM Administrator Part 2

Claire French

AIM 3.0/ParentSquare - The Solution to Problems You Didn't Know You Had

Tara White, Debi Ball, Ashley Franatovich

Attendance - Break Schedule and Instructional Time

Jackie Walley

Custom Fields Overview and Tutorial

Kristi Chovet

SAM Dashboard

Carman Jenkins

SAM Discipline

Carman Jenkins

District Data Integrator

Doug Lass and James Sherman

Early Warning System

Stephanie Permenter

Gradebook Lesson Plan

Carman Jenkins


Stephanie Permenter


John Kenney and John Ruff of MESA

MSIS Orientation

Sarita Donaldson and Dorothy Holloway

MSIS Personnel

Sarita Donaldson and Dorothy Holloway


Sarita Donaldson and Dorothy Holloway

MSIS Student

Sarita Donaldson and Dorothy Holloway

SAM New User Orientation

Susan Walters

Online Student Registration

Kristi Chovet and Team


Matthew Sterenberg

Q&A with SAM Spectra

James Sherman, Luke Blakeney, and Eric Grimm

Queries, Queries, Queries

Ross Randall

SAM to OneSync & Classlink

Albert Galeas, Ed.S.

Seize the Data: Building Simple Queries

Tara Poolson

Pik My Kid

Dee Bohne and Michelle Gordon

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