Automate Processes with Google

Tara Poolson

Are you tired of pushing papers between offices? Are documents getting lost in the shuffle? In this session, learn how to transition from paper-full to paperless!


It's All About Personality! Strengths, Weakness, and Challenges of Different Personality Types

Stephanie Permenter

Learn about the strengths, weakness, and challenges of different personality types to help you effectively communicate and build relationships with your staff, students, and parents.


Getting the Basics of Spreadsheets

Tara Poolson

In this hands-on session, we'll take a look at sorting, data validation, simple formula creation, and other beginning spreadsheet tools. Simplify your workload one formula at the time!


Let's Talk Mental Wellness: Mental Health of Students and Employees and the Impacts

Stephanie Permenter

The mental health of students and employees directly impacts culture and outcomes.  What is ahead of us? What are looking for and how can we address it?


Motivational Moment with Jackie

Jackie Walley

The Wheels On the Bus Go Round and Round…I'm not riding the struggle bus; I am chasing it down the road. Join me as we take a humourous and relaxed look at how to find happiness in the imperfections of our day to day lives and the people we share them with.


Recent Trends and Issues in Cybersecurity and Cyber Insurance

Adam Griffin

This session will discuss the most recent issues in cybersecurity and cyber insurance facing school districts. Building on the premise that cybersecurity is everyone’s issue, the session will raise awareness of the most pressing risks, and also discuss some of the ways in which those can be mitigated in the most cost-efficient manner.


Spreadsheets Can Save Your Life

Tara Poolson

Go beyond the basics in spreadsheets and learn how to make them do what you want! Combine data, advanced sorting techniques, pivot tables and more!


16th Section

Linda Johnson

Overview of the 16th Section module covering the Townships, Parcels, Leases, Lessee and reporting


A Day in the Life of a Business Manager

Debbie Jones, Donna Nester, and Melba Beasley

General topics that Business Managers should consider to keep the finances of the district on track. Activity Fund Management, MSIS/Personnel report, board meeting reports, ad valorem monitoring, document management and other general items


Accounts Payable

Linda Johnson

Overview of Accounts Payable processes with Vendors, Purchase Orders, AP Payables, Reports EFT Payments and many more tips.



Nancy Cotnam

Marathon’s newest release can assist you with getting your applicants hired all online!  Want to see how it works, then this is the class for you.


ActiveResources Employee Portal

Karen Benefield and Sarah Cotnam

Interested in your employees being able to access their pay stubs, W-2s and enter leave request all on their own? Then this Active Resources class is for you!  A walk through of both the Employee and Administration user account setup and functions.


AMFED: Talking ‘Bout My Generation

Scott Miley and Will O’Reilly

This session will focus on the different generations of employees in the workplace and how they respond differently to communication.


Capital Assets

Linda Johnson

Assets, Assets and More Assets.  Come learn How to import, track and report Assets for your District.  Will also cover reconciling your assets monthly and yearly.



Letitia Johnson

A review of Every Student Succeed Act per pupil expenditure allocation by school location and the importance of proper and consistent coding per the Accounting manual


ESSER and Federal Funding Construction and Procurement Rules 

Bonnie Granger

Discussion on requirements for Request for Proposals, Architecture and Contractor Contract Issues, Federal and State Construction requirements as we chart new ground and try to avoid pitfalls.  Charting new territory in learning the unique requirements to spend federal funds - what does all of this mean?


Excel Spreadsheets

Linda Johnson

Ad Hoc Query and Many of Marathon reports will export to Excel. Come learn a few easy tips on how to update your excel spreadsheets with pivot tables, graphs and other great tips that I use every day with Marathon Data.


General Ledger: Bank Reconciliation

Debbie Jones, Donna Nester, and Melba Beasley

A General Overview of Bank Reconciliation.


Getting Ready for W2's and 1095C forms

Nancy Cotnam

Let’s work on taking the stress out of January by walking through preparing to print your W2 forms and 1095 forms. 


GL Overview with Tips and Tricks

Kim Cathey

An Overview of General Ledger with time saving tips and tricks.


Human Resources

Nancy Cotnam

Come see what Marathon’s Human Resources Module has to offer.  Come participate in a discussion of what you want in Human Resources in the future.     


Indirect Cost

Letitia Johnson

A review of the indirect cost calculation for school districts. This review will cover expenditures which are included and excluded in the calculation of indirect cost and the assignment of rates: restricted, unrestricted, and predetermined.


It's About Time! Marathon Time & Attendance

Doug Lass, Karen Benefield, and Sarah Cotnam

Come and join us for a talk about time clocks! We’ll go over tips and tricks to help record your district’s time more effortlessly!  Learn what to do and not to do!


Payroll Processing When Things Go Wrong

Nancy Cotnam

What to do when mistakes are found after your ACH file has gone to the bank.  Check Reversal, Premium Refund, Check Reprint and more


Payroll Processing, Time, and Leave

Nancy Cotnam

Let’s talk about getting people paid.  A walk through the payroll check list, and the collection of time and leave.

PERS Basics

Nikita Rankin

The Early Career provides comprehensive information about PERS and what it means to be a part of a defined benefit plan like PERS.

PERS Pre-Retirement

Nikita Rankin

Know your benefits. Mid career to retirement eligible individuals. Provides comprehensive information about benefits, and available benefit options, as well as information on the retirement process.


PERS Rules and Regulations

Nikita Rankin

Employer Training: HR and Payroll Personnel PERS Employer training provides information to personnel who are responsible for the administration of benefits and reporting of wage information for covered employed. Information is provided on PERS eligibility requirements, relevant regulatory and legislative changes, reporting requirements, how to handle unused leave, and other important topics.


Preparing for an Audit

Amber Geiser

Preparing for an audit is crucial in ensuring that the district receives an unqualified or clean opinion. We will discuss the steps to take to prepare for a low stress, successful audit. We will also discuss the most common audit findings and ways to avoid them


Remote Link 

Kim Cathey

An overview of Remote Link.  This session will include Activity Funds, Purchase Requisitions, Active Time, Asset transfer and disposal requests and more.


Remote Link Administration

Kim Cathey

Come see how to administer your users, groups, locations in Marathon Administration and secondary approval levels in Remote Link Administration.


Tips and Tricks

Sarah Cotnam

Tips and Tricks for all Marathon Modules.   Come ready to take some notes for helpful hints about Marathon



Claire French

SAM District Contact (not principals) Creating and maintaining user groups, maintaining users, Field level security rights, Lookup Table Maintenance, Annual Archive assignment, News Maintenance, Active Parent-Active Student Admin, Active Flag, Dashboard, Generic/ACT Imports


Attendance - Break Schedule and Instructional Time

Jo Ann Henderson

Did you know that if you have the Break Schedules and Instructional Time Schedule set up, it helps with meeting the 63% Attendance funding?  Come learn more about setting up these 2 Attendance tools!


Common MSIS Errors and How to Resolve

Jackie Walley

Together we will look at common MSIS errors and ways to resolve the issues related to these errors


Custom Fields Overview and Tutorial

Kristi Chovet

In this session you will learn how to create custom fields for your district and attach them to online registration to collect additional data for your district during the registration process.


District Data Integrator

Jimmy Bailey, Luke Blakeney, and Stephanie Lass

In this session, we will discuss the District Data Integrator solution from top to bottom. We will review the token setup in SAM then onto the user interface and go over the processes for setting up system integrations and monitoring them. Additionally, we will review how to query data within the integrations.


Early Warning System

Jackie Walley

How to use Early Warning System data results to guide district decisions when looking at Tier Process, Drop-Out Prevention and Student Progress Monitoring.


Introducing AIM 3.0, Powered by ParentSquare

Chad Stevens and Bill Frenzel

Get an insider's early look at the new AIM 3.0 communication platform, powered by ParentSquare. Advanced AIM 3.0 leverages unified ParentSquare school-home communications technology, eliminating the need for managing and overseeing a number of different tools at the district, school and classroom level. Discover how AIM 3.0 powered by ParentSquare will be fully integrated into your Central Access student information system, and hear how its underlying capabilities have been leveraged by other districts across the country.


MESA Roundtable: The Personal Side of Leading Data

Matt Smith

"Big Data" we're all familiar with the term. However, how does data shape our school systems? We will talk with several district leaders in various roles to hear how data is utilized in their roles. What data is important? Where could things be improved? Join our panelist as we highlight the applications of data across district teams


MESA: Tracking the State of Student Progress within SAM presented by MESA

Matt Smith

After this past year, districts are facing more unique challenges than ever before. With so much focus on closing learning gaps, how does that reflect in student data? Learn how SAM Spectra, through their new integrated partnership with Mesa Cloud, helps overcome traditional limitations of student data. We will feature an analysis of Mississippi-specific data points against the national landscape


MSIS Personnel

Dorothy Holloway and Sarita Donaldson

The session will reveal what you know and what you should know about MSIS Student and Personnel Data.  What happens to the data you submit and how it impacts your school and district.



Dorothy Holloway and Sarita Donaldson

Q&A with your MSIS / MDE team


MSIS Students

Dorothy Holloway and Sarita Donaldson

The session will reveal what you know and what you should know about MSIS Student. What happens to the data you submit and how it impacts your school and district.


New User Orientation

Claire French

New staff such as secretaries, data clerks and counselors.  Does not include Teacher Gradebook or Online Student Registration


Parchment + SAM Spectra: Student Records Synergy

Matthew Sterenberg, Parchment

Come to this session to learn more about the exciting upcoming integration between Parchment, a digital records platform, with SAM Spectra. You’ll come away with an understanding of how Parchment can help streamline records and transcript fulfillment workflows to benefit you, your students, and your alumni.


Q&A with SAM Spectra

Jimmy Bailey and Luke Blakeney

Join Jimmy and Luke to discuss current and future projects in SAM Spectra.


Real-Time Breach and Ransomware Protection

Jeff Little and David Ellis

With discovery and risk mitigation capabilities, FortiEDR enables security teams to discover and proactively control rogue devices, IoT devices, and applications, along with their respective vulnerabilities across the system or applications - in real time.


SEAS: Escape to a Better, Time-Saving Way to Find the Skill Gap of All Learners to Improve Student Outcomes

Wendy Rogers

The presenter will share the process of determining the skill gap of learners due to learning loss related to changes in traditional instruction due to COVID, disabilities, or other learning gap reasons. The presenter will share how to determine baseline data for Individual Education Program (IEP) PLAAFP statements or MTSS intervention needs as well as goal/objectives using the SEAS Education CLASS program. The presenter will share how to use the system for progress monitoring and ESY documentation. This tool saves teachers a tremendous amount of time to determine the skill gap of what to teach and the documentation of the progress made, so that teachers can actually spend time teaching.   Audience--Special Education Administrators and Teachers; General Education Administrators and Teachers


The Great Data Analysis

Jo Ann Henderson

Do you know how ‘clean’ your district’s SAM data is?  Do you know how ’clean’ and ‘efficient’ the SAM setup is?  Do you want to find out?  Come to this session and see how!